Looking for the perfect gift? A Hunnypot Cottage Bakery voucher is a wonderful way to treat someone you love to their own baking course, or to tempt them with a deliciously flavoured loaf. 

Once you have purchased one of these certicates we will email  a certificate with all the details of the chosen course for you to print and “wrap” before giving to your recipient, you can of course email the certicate to them.

If you have been lucky enough to receive a gift voucher via a donation we have made to a raffle etc these are valid within 15 miles of Hunnypot Cottage, if you are outside of this distance there will be an additional charge as per the standard delivery rates for our bread courses. You can of course upgrade this prize as well to one of our other courses and pay the difference in price.

from £55

from £55

from £80